Reading in the Park


All too often we feel guilty about taking care of ourselves. For taking time out to do what we want to do. Self-Care is a vital ingredient in being the very best version of ourselves that we can be. Self-Care isn't just about having a spa day, going to bed early or having drinks with friends. While these are all great things, Self-Care is so much more. Taking care of you, putting yourself first without guilt is something most of us need to learn how to do. It is about the way we think about ourselves, talk to ourselves, how we show up, what's important to us, what our values and beliefs are. Self-Care is all about you and this can be scary for some, uncomfortable as we have been so tied up helping and pleasing others. Taking time for you is a big part of mindfulness and an important part of your journey.

Self-Care is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about. It is empowering and will give you confidence, peace, love and respect in yourself and by doing that you provide the same to all those around you.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Constantly caring for other people

  • Always putting others needs before your own

  • Agreeing with others when you actually don't 

  • Saying YES when you really want to say NO

  • Saying NO when you really want to say YES

  • Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated

  • Feeling anxious and depressed 

  • Putting your dreams and passions aside to make others happy 

Do you want to:

  • Rediscover who you are - what you want, what's important

  • Regain control of your life 

  • Say YES when you want to

  • Say NO when you want to

  • Learn how to put yourself first without guilt

  • Discover how to incorporate time for yourself EVERY DAY



Are you ready to make a change?

We can have a Self-Care cup of tea (or coffee!) together. If you are local we can do this in person, or with the wonderful technology we have, we can meet over skype, facetime or even regular phone. The choice is yours. Send me a note to book a session.

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