What's your word for 2020?

My word for 2020 is YES! Even though I am a mindfulness practitioner, teach mindfulness, meditation, manifestation, gratitude, and self care, as I always mention to clients, I will be eternally growing, learning and looking for ways to improve on myself.

2019 was a pretty amazing year for me. I published my website, published my first book, made some wonderful friends and connections and even let go of some bad ones. Like many people I used to start every new year making resolutions or setting goals, but in my journey of self discovery I came to understand that this was not a good practice for me. So, I decided to change it and started a new ritual several years ago. As a New Year dawns, I take my special journal, dedicated to this and reflect back on the previous year and think about all the wonderful things that I achieved, that happened or that I experienced. Everything that I was grateful for. As it’s important to me to keep my energy high and positive I make the choice to only look at the good. Then I look at the sort of person I want to be in the coming year. How do I want to show up, how do I want others to see me, what impact can I have on the world? How do I want to feel?

In the first couple of years I found this tough. My mind was trained to focus on the negative, so

I struggled to write more than a few lines on what I was grateful for. And because I did not believe I had any power within me to change I could not even consider how I wanted to be going forward. I could not understand I could change. But on my journey of self discovery, I embraced mindfulness, meditation, manifestation, gratitude and self care and my life changed completely. Now I can write pages in my journal and I get excited to do this ritual each year. I also take a moment to look back reading my previous years notes. It’s a wonderful way to see how far I have come.

This year I decided to add a little something extra to my ritual. Choosing a word for 2020 that embraces how I want to show up, to grow, to improve. As I thought about it, I understood that while I do try to take some steps outside my comfort zone, I still often let my introvert personality keep me from saying YES to things. Now in my teachings I always say that you have permission to say NO and YES to anything and I do not go back on that. However, for me, I know that sometimes I am saying NO when I really want to say YES and that fear is holding me back. This is what I want to improve on the most this year. So YES seems to be the perfect word for me. Every time I am about to say NO I have promised myself to really consider if that is truly what I want or if I am answering from a place of fear. If so, and it is something I actually really want, I will say YES! Why don't you take some time to journal on 2019 and who you want to be in 2020. If you are having trouble finding anything to write about or are not liking where your thoughts are taking you then I can help. Check out my book. Be Perfectly Imperfect.

If you are really looking to change your life, you need to change yourself. In the book I share my journey with you and how my life has transformed with mindfulness, gratitude, manifestation and self care. You can buy the book by clicking HERE. If you want to learn more, then I offer one on one coaching. You can book one session or multiple sessions, your choice. Because you have the power to choose! Check out my website at www.wendyjustine.com I will also be launching in depth online courses this year, and actual workshops where you can come together with others on a similar journey. Want to be notified or be kept updated then click HERE to sign up for my newsletter. I promise I will not bombard you with daily emails, I understand and appreciate your time is valuable. I WILL let you know when something great is happening.The rest you can find by following me on Facebook – Come Sparkle With Me, Instagram - wendyjustinesparkle. I look forward to hearing about your word for 2020 is! Let's 2020 be the year of you. Perhaps your word will be CHANGE. If I can help you do that I would be honured to do so.

Kind thoughts, kind words, kind heart. Be mindful xx

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