Mindful Money 

Money can be the cause of stress, worry, anxiety and even depression in many people's lives. It can overwhelm our minds, invade our thoughts at all times. Interrupt our sleep, leading to fatigue, health issues, relationship issues and more.
There is no magic wand to resolve financial issues overnight but at soon as you start to take action you will start to feel better. 
Practical steps must be taken but that is not all that is needed. There are many money coaches available that will give you the practical tools to get out of financial trouble and they will work. But I have often seen people get out of
trouble only to fall back into debt or difficulty again, within months. Why? Because they did not change their mindset. As well as dealing with your financial situation practically you need to look at your relationship with money. The reason why you got into the situation you did. You need to change the way you feel about money. If money is keeping you awake at night then it currently has power over you. You have to take back that power. You need to be in control. With a mindfulness approach, you will learn how you get to determine just how much importance money gets to have in your life. You get to choose how much thought you give to money. You will begin to think differently about how you spend money, what the true value of something is.
Are you ready to take control of your finances?
I have over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. This enables me to help you with both the practical and the mindful approach to your finances. Watch for an online course coming soon. Right now I offer one to one consultations. ontact me to learn more.