Gratitude is more than just saying Thank you. Most of us say thank you every day, multiple times per day. it's common manners. Practising gratitude is when you actually attribute emotion and genuine feeling to the words thank you. Instead of the auto response, we connect to what we are saying thank you for.

We are surrounded with things to be grateful for and for many these things are taken for granted. We get caught up in a world of wanting the next thing, always striving for something without recognizing and appreciating where we are right now. In my journey, I thought practicing


gratitude would be easy, just say thank you a few more times and mean it. But as part of embracing mindfulness, I soon discovered it was so much more and I began to understand how powerful gratitude was in my everyday life. How it changed my mood, my energy and my outlook on life. 

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Your attention is focused on what you don't have

  • You are always saving, working, thinking about the next thing you want

  • You overspend

  • You criticize frequently

  • You are constantly comparing yourself to others

Do you want to:

  • Be happy right now, no matter what your circumstances 

  • Have better personal and professional relationships

  • Manifest more of what you want in your life 

  • Understand wants over needs

  • Love yourself unconditionally 

Are you ready to make a change?

We can have a grateful cup of tea (or coffee!) together. If you are local we can do this in person, or with the wonderful technology we have, we can meet over skype, facetime or even regular phone. The choice is yours. Send me a note to book a session.

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